Grisco S.A.S has the commitment o produce and sells construction equipment according to the market needs with products that satisfy clients and the industry requirements and expectations.

For that we have adopted innovative technology based in strong relationships with clients and suppliers, adding competent and committed human talent, allow to us generate optimal, timely and effective solutions.


We had more than 30 years of experience in machinery and construction equipments leasing, giving us a huge knowledge to improve and optimize all range of products, designing and manufacturing according to the industry needs and demands.




GRISCO S.A.S is a company dedicated to manufacture and market equipment and accessories for construction, developing solutions that satisfied our client’s expectations and need with innovation, security, comfort and economy.



In 2015 Grisco S.A.S will be recognized as a  machinery for construction supplier, positioned in the market with innovative products and properly distributions channels in Latinamerica, generating add value to the construction industry, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the constructive process and job performance.





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